2016 Final Teams


2016 FINAL Junior Team Selections

Glenwood Netball Club aims to grade fairly and effectively, and in the best interests of the Club and players. Please note that it is not a rule or requirement to place Rep Squad players in the top graded team. The club's position is that everyone should be treated equally.

The Grading Committee has taken into consideration the Coaches’ reports, any viewing of players throughout the season by graders, paper grading and play observed at practical grading. It must be remembered that a netball team requires a balance of agility, ball skills and height, as well as playing positions and is why players are graded.

Be mindful that change is inevitable in any age group when players don’t return from the previous season &/or new players transfer from other netball clubs.

Players and parents are urged to be objective and reasonable in their expectations; and to encourage their children to be happy in their sport even if they don’t feel that they are in their desired team.

It is hoped that players and parents appreciate how difficult it is when it comes to grading and accept the decision of the Grading Committee. We encourage all of our players to accept their team and make new friends. This may be difficult at first but once the season starts children usually settle in and enjoy playing netball in their new teams. The full support of parents is essential for this to occur smoothly.

The Grading Committee are not to be approached or contacted in relation to grading matters - their decision is final.

Final teams and coaches will be placed on the Glenwood Netball website near the end of February 2015.

We aim to have no more than 8 players per team. But, due to numbers registered, a few teams may have 9 players and other teams may be short. We encourage anyone in a team that is short to ask your friends if they would also like play.

PLEASE NOTE: The electronic player registration (NMAS) is required by BHSNA for the 2016 season in January.  All clubs will register their players directly online via the Netball NSW link. Once a club has registered a player online, the player is ineligible for a full refund. Any player choosing to de-register with our club must have done so before Wednesday, 13th January, 2016 (see Registration Information sheet for forfeiture of funds breakdown)

To view the 2016 team lists click on the links below:


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9, 10 & 11 YEARSteams2016b.html
12, 13, 14 & 15 YEARSteams2016c.html
U17s, U21s, OPENsteams2016d.html