Welcome Managers!

Welcome to the 2016 season.

As a recognised volunteer for the Glenwood Netball Club, your dedication and commitment to the role of ‘Manager’ is much appreciated.

Could  all Managers refer to the below website, and complete the below requested form for Working with Children.

The form is available to complete and print from website

On the website there is a 'Quick Links to forms'. The form you need is the 'Volunteer/Student Worker Declaration.'

Once this form has been completed and signed, please hand it over to myself or another committee member. The Club requires the completed forms, as employees from the Commission for Children and Young People do random checks to ensure that forms have been completed.


Guide to Manager’s Duties

A Manager is a very important part of a team. A Manager’s role is to allow the coach to concentrate on coaching, while they carry out ‘day to day’ duties.

  1. Be very supportive of the Coach.

  2. Arrive at courts in plenty of time in case the Coach has any information she/he wishes you to pass onto the parents/players etc.

  3. Hand out any notes, newsletters (if not being received individually via email) etc.

  4. Commence to warm the players up, should for some reason the Coach is running late.

  5. The Manager is responsible for attending to the scoring of games. Either do yourself or arrange for another parent to do.

  6. Find out from the Coach which girls will be commencing the game, so their names can be printed on the score sheet.

  7. The BHSNA score sheet is kept at the Administration building on the outside table. You only print on the names of the players taking the court, indicate replacements when they take the court. Leave the score sheet on the table, unless your opposition team has already signed on. If so, take the score sheet to the court.

  8. Check photo I.D. cards of opposing team.

  9. Just prior to the game commencing, you or your scorer stand at the halfway with the scorer from the opposition team. At the completion of the game make sure the score sheet has been filled out correctly. The winning team is responsible for returning the score sheet to the green box on the verandah at Administration.

  10. At intervals, if required by the Coach, bring drink bottles to the players and inform the Coach of the score.

  11. Report to Umpire Control, if warranted during the game, if you want an umpire checked. Check with Coach before making a complaint.

  12. Don’t allow opposition to harass your team or umpires – report to Control. Check with Coach before making a complaint.

  13. Canteen Duty – arrange for parents/players (seniors) to do team’s canteen duty when advised by the club.

  14. Arrange for attendance of at least one representative at club meetings, however, the meetings are open to all club members. All club members need to be encouraged to come to the meetings and support the club.

  15. Ensure all team members know how they will be contacted, should training be cancelled due to wet weather or any other reason.

  16. Ensure all team members know how to find out if Saturday games are cancelled due to wet weather. (Wet Weather information can be found on the BHSNA Website & Facebook page)

GNC Manager’s Book

  1.   Download Glenwood NC Managers Book

Contact Glenwood NC Manager’s Co-ordinator:

Email:    Lara Cameron

Phone:     0416 176 919