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Coach’s Code of Conduct

  1.   Download Coach's Code of Conduct

Some coaching tips for successful coaches:

  1. -What do you aim for and how do you achieve

  2. your aims?

  3. -Have an open mind and always be willing to

  4. listen and learn.

Successful players have coaches who:

- Set an example of good sporting behaviour

- Put more stress on EFFORT than OUTCOME

- Encourage the enjoyment of netball

  1. -Set realistic standards and objectives for their

  2. players

- Keep up to date on coaching developments

  1. -Arrive at training with an organised training

  2. program

  3. -Cater for all levels of ability so that all players

  4. have a fair go

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Reminder to all Coaches

All players are entitled to equal game time during the regular season.

Attention All Glenwood NC Coaches,

Please be advised that it is Glenwood NC policy that all players in your team are entitled to equal court time during regular season games.

While the Glenwood NC Committee understands that you would like to win your games, this goal should not be to the detriment of the players in your team or this policy. Game time should be allocated fairly, with every team member contributing equally throughout the season, regardless of the eventual outcome.

In the event that your team is successful in their bid for a finals berth, then at Semi Finals, Finals & Grand Finals, it is the coach’s responsibility to choose the team with the best possible chance of winning.

Please be aware that any formal complaints received will be investigated by the Glenwood NC Executive Committee. We strongly advise that you keep your game records up to date in the unlikely event of this occurrence.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable time & the effort you give to your team. We wish you the very best of luck for your season.

Yours in sport,

Glenwood NC Committee